YouTube Isn't Just Cute Puppy Videos

When thinking about genealogy research we don't always think about using YouTube. The fact is that YouTube could potentially have some videos which could prove to be very useful to your research. These genealogy-related videos have been produced by various people and organizations. I have stumbled across a few videos that were of no use to me but for the most part I have found tons of useful videos on topics of interest to me.

When visiting YouTube the Search tool helps you find videos that will relate to what you are wanting to find out about. You can search about how to use specific websites, how to implement various research techniques to find your ancestors or even about historical events that may give you more insight on what your ancestors may have experienced during their lives.

I would also recommend searching for your ancestors' names and places they lived. You could end up finding a documentary about your ancestors or about the community they lived in. This could also lead to you getting in touch with distant cousins.

A suggestion that I have is that if you find a useful video that you "Subscribe" to their YouTube Channel so that you will get updates when they publish new videos.

Here is a couple of YouTube genealogy-related video from YouTuber channels I have found value in following.

Lisa Louise Cook's Genealogy Gems

Ancestral Finding

US National Archives

There are so many different YouTube videos to explore. Unfortunately, there isn't enough hours in the day to explore all of them. At least not if I'm going to get actual research done. If you happen to come across a great video I would love to hear about it!

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