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Unlock Connections by Setting Achievable Genealogy Goals on Social Media

As we step into the New Year, it's the perfect time to refresh our approach to genealogy research. With the vast landscape of social media, there are more opportunities than ever to connect with others who share our passion for family history. But how can we set achievable goals to make the most of these platforms? Let's dive in!

People connecting to the virtual world around the globe and sharing family history and building their genealogy community.
Building Your Genealogy Community Takes Engagement With Others

Define Clear, Specific Objectives

Begin by setting clear goals. Instead of a broad aim like "connect with more people," try something more specific, such as "join two genealogy groups on Facebook and actively participate in discussions weekly." Specific goals are easier to achieve and measure.

This year, my personal goal for social media, particularly Facebook Groups, is to conduct a thorough review in January of all my Facebook groups. I'm considering doing this during a Facebook Live session. My plan is to remove myself from any groups that are no longer active. For the groups I decide to stay in, I intend to reintroduce myself and explore the connections I can forge. Additionally, I will dedicate an hour each week to actively engage and connect with others across various Facebook Groups.

Leverage the Right Platforms

Each social media platform offers unique opportunities. For instance, Facebook has numerous genealogy groups, while Instagram and TikTok are great for sharing visual family stories. Decide which platform aligns best with your goals and focus your efforts there.

Navigating the multitude of social media platforms available can quickly become daunting as you expand your digital footprint. With this in mind, I've taken the time to assess what platforms are truly beneficial for me. Over the past year, I experimented with several new platforms and have decided to continue using only Threads in 2024. Additionally, I realized that Pinterest didn't quite fit into my online ecosystem, leading me to remove it. Social media should be a space for meaningful connections, not a source of stress. If managing multiple platforms feels overwhelming, it's perfectly okay to limit yourself to just one or two. For now, you can find me actively engaging on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads, TikTok, and X (previously known as Twitter).

Schedule Regular Engagement

Consistency is key. Dedicate specific times for social media activities related to genealogy, like commenting on posts, sharing your research, or engaging in group discussions. This helps build a routine and makes your efforts more effective.

I excel at maintaining consistency with my clients' social media accounts, likely because I schedule them meticulously on my calendar. However, I've noticed that my personal social media presence, particularly in sharing my family history, hasn't been as regular. To address this, I'm committing to allocate more specific time in 2024 to enhance my personal social media engagement.

Share Your Journey and Learn from Others

Don't hesitate to share your own genealogy findings, challenges, and questions. Being open about your journey invites others to connect and offer insights, creating a mutual learning environment.

Connect Beyond Genealogy Topics

Building connections often involves sharing common interests beyond just genealogy. Engage in discussions about history, DNA research, or cultural heritage to broaden your network.

Utilize Hashtags and Keywords

Use relevant hashtags like #FamilyHistory, #GenealogyResearch, or #AncestryDNA. This increases the visibility of your posts to like-minded individuals and groups.

Participate in Challenges and Events

Many social media groups host challenges or themed events. Participating in these can be a fun way to engage with the community and meet new people.

I've designed some exciting challenges to assist you in sharing your family history and engaging with the genealogy community. Make sure you're following me at @simplelivingene to stay updated!

For historical and genealogical societies seeking presentation ideas, I encourage you to explore my range of presentations. One notable offering is a 30-day challenge designed to help society members begin engaging on social media and sharing their family history stories.

Track and Reflect on Your Progress

Regularly review your activities and assess if they align with your goals. This reflection helps in tweaking your strategy for better results.

If your content isn't receiving engagement, there's typically a reason for it. It's possible that your current social media circle may not have a strong interest in your posts. This suggests a need to connect with more individuals in the genealogy community to expand your following. Alternatively, it could be a matter of content strategy – perhaps your posts lack a call-to-action or questions that encourage your audience to interact. Evaluating and addressing these factors can help boost engagement with your content.

Setting achievable goals for connecting with the genealogy community on social media is about being specific, consistent, and open to learning and sharing. As you embark on this journey, remember that each connection you make enriches your understanding of your own family history and contributes to the collective knowledge of the genealogy community. Here's to a year of meaningful connections and exciting discoveries!



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