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Trendspotting in Social Media for Genealogists

For those wanting to connect to the genealogy community, social media platforms are proving to be not just an indispensable tool for connecting with like-minded individuals but also a rich data source for genealogy research. Identifying trends on social media can reveal global shifts in genealogy methods, inspirations and challenges.

However, navigating the fast-paced world of social media trends can be daunting. Here's a beginner-friendly guide on how to discover what's trending within the genealogy community on social media.

1. Follow Relevant Hashtags: Hashtags are essential for trend tracking on social websites. They are keywords or phrases preceded by a hash (#) symbol that categorizes posts. Start by following broad terms like #Genealogy, #FamilyHistory, or #Ancestry. Over time, pay attention to recurring niche-specific hashtags.

2. Follow Influencers: Follow leading genealogists who share tips, research results, or tutorials on social media. Observing their popular content can give insights into current trends.

3. Use Social Media Analytics Tools: Tools such as Google Trends, X Trends, or Facebook's Trending Topics can help you identify commonly shared or discussed topics.

4. Join Specialty Genealogy Groups: Various platforms have groups or communities where genealogists exchange ideas. Trending topics often get more discussion within these groups.

5. Participate in Live Chats: X, for instance, hosts 'hour' chats about certain topics, including genealogy. Participating in these chats can give you real-time updates on trending topics.

6. Monitor Regularly: Trends on social media are fleeting. It's crucial to monitor regularly for real-time trends.

By spotting social media trends relevant to genealogy, you can stay at the forefront of new research methods, discover overlooked resources, collaborate with newfound kin, or stumble upon the missing puzzle pieces in your family tree analysis.


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