Time Capsules: A Connection To The Future

The adventure of putting together a time capsule is an extraordinary way of sharing your life and an opportunity to personally connect to the future you or generations.

For those with children, time capsules are also a great way to teach them about preservation science. All materials decay, and researching about what materials deteriorate at various rates will be great lessons to explore as deciding what items to place in the capsule. It is a great way to turn an activity into a science lesson.

A great website to check out is the International Time Capsule Society for more information.

Here are a few things to consider before putting your time capsule together.

Who are you putting the time capsule together for? Is it for your future self, grandchildren, and future generations of grandchildren? This will play a role in what you decide to place in your time capsule.

How you will be storing your time capsule? There are many ways to store your capsule but think twice about burying it. The one reason I recommend not burying it is that capsule is likely to be forgotten about or never found unless someone is digging where you buried it. By storing the capsule above ground it will be easier to access it when the time comes to open it. Think about placing it on a closet shelf or somewhere out of the way.

What type of container will you use? If the capsule will be opened in your lifetime and stored inside, a shoebox or old suitcase is perfect. For capsules being put together for future generations, you will want to think about an anti-corrosion waterproof stainless steel time capsule. I will place a link below to one that I recently purchased. There are several types of time capsules that you can purchase. The size of the container will determine the number and size of artifacts that will be placed in the capsule.

The fun part of putting your time capsule together is collecting the objects. Think about who will opening your time capsule. What would you like to tell them? Select items that will reflect who you are and what is going on in the world right now. Some ideas you may consider placing in yours could be popular household items, toys, packaging from items, photographs, journals, letters, books, newspapers, currency, clothing, and a personal message to the person you want to open your time capsule. There are so many possibilities, so have fun with it.

Do not just place your time capsule someplace and forget about it. You can either place a reminder on a calendar, a plaque or label attached to the capsule, instructions in your will, or whatever you feel will help you remember about your capsule.

This is the time capsule that I just ordered and can not wait to put together. As soon as I get it I am planning on putting together a video for The Simple Living Genealogy YouTube Channel to show what I will be placing inside of mine. I'm planning on putting it together to be opened by my 3rd generation of grandchildren.

Have you already put together a time capsule? I would love to hear about what you placed inside and how you have handled storing it.

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