The Metaverse World Is On The Way

We still have a ways to go to reach Mark Zuckerberg's vision of what the metaverse will one day look like. I feel that the metaverse vision will one day become a part of our daily lives, but I don't think it will happen as quickly as some people would like. I know there are also some people that do not think the metaverse will come. The truth is, we see our world evolving towards a metaverse world already. Due to the Covid pandemic, the virtual world has already drastically changed from pre-pandemic times. These past few years have just been a continuation of adjusting to the digital world, but the pandemic pushed the world into it at a much faster pace. Very few of us were prepared for the virtual world that museums, historical and genealogical societies have been pushed into in order to remain functional to the public. Virtual tours and webinars allowed organizations to continue a connection to people.

There is still an extraordinary number of museums, historical and genealogical societies that need to change the way their organizations are run. The genealogy community on social media has grown so rapidly, but there are too many organizations that need to rethink the direction they are going in order to keep their organization growing and connecting to those within the genealogy community and others. The board members of these organizations really need to begin adjusting their view of the virtual world by connecting to the world on social media and offering virtual services.

Virtual Reality headsets are rising in popularity. I think in the future that organizations are going to need to figure out how to fit into the VR World. Virtual tours of museums through VR will one day become a desired service of people. I would personally love the virtual world to allow me to visit the homeland of my ancestors in a way that I would feel like I was physically there than the way Google Earth offers. Another way I think VR could help the genealogy world is by offering us an experience of the world that our ancestors lived in. I think it is only a matter of time before that becomes a reality. Imagine being able to take part in an adventure of immigrating to America or witnessing various historical events, such as the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth.

With all of that being said now is the time that those organizations that are not actively a part of the social media world to realize the importance of immersing their organization into the world of connecting through social media. Having a visual identity within the digital world, besides a website, is more important than anything else right now. Social media is not a trend that will be going away, if anything it is going to continue to grow. The way we use social media will evolve over time and it will always be a part of our lives now. Older board generations seem to have the most difficulty adjusting and understanding the need to be on social media. I won't deny that there are a few negative aspects of being on social media, but the benefits organizations being on social media is absolutely needed in order to keep the organization going. The metaverse is coming and in order to adjust to the world, steps need to be taken in order to be ready for when it gets here.

If you know of a museum, historical and genealogical society that is struggling with the idea of being on social media or understand the benefits of gaining a presence on social media, I would be happy to reach out to them to talk about it. There is no requirement to hire me to help with social media. I strongly believe in the importance of museums, historical and genealogical societies to keep their doors open. Social media can help these organizations connect with the genealogy community and slowly grow into the metaverse world that we will one day be in. Simply send me an email or DM me and I will be there to help. Feel free to forward this email to them as well.

Let's work together to make sure that we are able to continue to preserve history and help people on their path of discovering their family history.

Until next time, take care.