In The Kitchen

Updated: Sep 6

When I think about the kitchen it instantly triggers memories of my mom sitting in the kitchen at the table with a sewing machine. Don't get me wrong, we did eat and gather in the kitchen too. Our family moved all of my life and I never lived in a place for more than two years. So I had lots of different kitchens in my life.

I am not really sure why the memory of my mom sewing at the kitchen table is the first thing I think of. I could not even describe the kitchen to you because I can not remember what it looked like. I do remember that we were living in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the time. My mom, brother, and I had all just came back to America because the Iranian Revolution was beginning and made it too dangerous for us to continue living in Iran. A company my father worked for was there and he had to stay back to finish his work. It must have been in 1978 because that is when the war started. I re