The Benefit of Sharing Your Family History on Social Media

Sharing your family history with others is a great way to strengthen your family ties. When you share your history and genealogy information with others, you're helping them learn more about their own ancestors. You can also make connections with relatives who may live far away or haven't seen each other in years. Sharing your genealogy information can help people find new cousins or even discover they have an unknown sibling! If you've already started sharing your story online, let me know what kind of response it's gotten from family members who are interested in learning more about their heritage!

Sharing family history and genealogy information can connect you with long-lost relatives. And now that there are so many online platforms for sharing information, it's easier than ever to locate distant cousins and long-lost family members.

If you've already created a tree on Ancestry or MyHeritage (or some other site), try posting it on Facebook or Twitter so that others can see your research. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to genealogy where people post their trees in the hopes of connecting with other researchers who have an interest in the same ancestors.

When you share your family history and genealogy information, you may find clues that help you break through brick walls in your research. You may be able to connect with other researchers who are researching the same people as you. Or perhaps a relative will contact you with information that they don't think is important but that actually fills in a gap for you! Or maybe someone else will tell you something about your ancestor that gives a new perspective on their life—or even confirms information or theories that have been floating around for years!

The act of sharing alone can also be helpful to family members by providing an opportunity for them to hear what others know about their ancestors. Sometimes this leads to more digging; sometimes it helps confirm what they already knew (and were just looking to confirm).

You've told your family that your ancestors include pirates and a princess, but how do you know for certain? Fortunately for us, there are many resources available to help us research our ancestors. They include:

  • Online databases like, and MyHeritage to find birth, marriage and death records.

  • Archives of newspapers in the United States and around the world (many are available only at libraries).

  • Old letters from relatives who lived long ago can help fill in gaps in our knowledge about them.

In fact, it's so easy now that I often wonder if anyone will bother keeping written records at all anymore! But remember that whenever you put something on the Internet it isn't private--so share responsibly and don't put anything on the Internet you wouldn't want someone else to know

Until next time, keep connecting to your social media community.

Jon Marie Pearson, The Simple Living Genealogist