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Social Media is not just about connecting to family and friends anymore. There are so many different communities that you can find a connection with. You can find a community that is right for you and your interest. For myself, I have been able to find communities on social media that share my interest in genealogy, a simple lifestyle, and a desire to seek knowledge and adventures in the world around us.

Finding a community that you can feel a part of on social media is easy to do. It can take time to build personal friendships with some people within the community, but just like any relationship in life it takes building trust and finding a common interest to build a connection to people. As you share ideas and get to know people within the community those connections can turn into amazing friendships.

There are over 100 social media platforms. I was surprised when I did a quick search to see how many there are. The most common platforms in America include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and Houseparty. You will find that each social media platform has its own features that make them each unique. Finding the right platform that you enjoy using is really a personal choice. If you use multiple platforms you might find a natural pull to use one platform more than another.

The great thing about finding a community on social media is that you are able to interact with like-minded people. It is easier now more than ever to be able to find these like-minded individuals and groups and connect with them. For me, the genealogy community has been important on social media now more than ever. Since we are in a pandemic the ability to meet others interested in genealogy has been impossible. Having the community on social media has allowed me to have a place to go to interact with others who have a shared passion for genealogy and family history.

The support system has been amazing on social media. You can ask questions any time of day, any day of the week and there is normally someone within your community online that will answer your questions or offer support and guidance.

Many organizations and groups have gone to sharing information about what is happening on social media. This is not only a free way to spread information but the opportunity dramatically increases the number of people who can see the information. Learning about upcoming webinars, live events, chats, recent publications, and virtual conferences are just some of the things that you will see shared around on social media. The information you will see can help you find things that can inspire and enhance your passions in life.

These communities on social media are filled with beginners, hobbyists, and professionals. Your level of experience should not deter you from looking for a community that can offer you support. An example of this is someone who has been playing with the idea of becoming a minimalist. Finding a community that has a passion for living as a minimalist is a great way to learn more about the lifestyle. Communities normally do not turn their back on individuals who are thinking of trying something out. I know from personal experiences that I have witnessed on social media that the genealogy community will instantly jump in to help someone who is thinking about discovering their family history with guidance and support.

To begin finding your community just simply begin by using the search box in your social media platform. Simply type in various words that can be connected to your hobby, interest, or work. Think of various words to help you find people or organizations that would be linked to the type of community you are looking for. Here are a couple of examples:

Genealogy - Family History, Ancestors, Family Tree, Ancestry

Minimalism - Minimalists, Simple Lifestyle, Declutter, Simplifying, Simple Decor

Kayaking - Water Sports, Paddling

Book Club - Book Lovers, Reading, Books, Library, Fiction, Non-Fiction

Do not be hesitant to reach out to people you find on your search to find your community. It is just like going to an event and walking up to someone to say hello. This should actually be easier for some people, especially if you are an introvert. Just reach out and say hi. If they do not respond back they are someone you are not going to want in your community anyways. You are looking for people to connect with.

Hashtags are another great way of finding people to find your community with. We are seeing more people using hashtags as a way of becoming more searchable, which is great for you to be able to connect with. Hashtags are a great communication tool. The best way I have found to find hashtags that could be linked to interests is to do a search not only on the social media platform you are using but doing an internet search too. Several examples of hashtags you could use will come up on your internet search. Here is an example, "Best Hashtags for motivation." Several hashtag ideas will come up that can then be used within the social media platform search window.

Engaging with the community is the best way to begin interacting with them. You can post a question or comment and this will give the community an opportunity to begin connecting with you. Even just writing a post to say hello will begin a connection. Remember to always be courteous, respectful, and thankful to everyone within the community. The community does not have to accept you into their group and interact with you.

Communities on social media can add so much to your life. Especially when many of us are currently stuck at home with limited contact with others. The communities can help us feel a little less lonely while at the same time giving us opportunities to connect with others.

The social media communities have given me an opportunity to meet people all over the world who share my passions for family history research. I have even been able to connect with distant cousins that share a common ancestor with me. The simple living lifestyle community of people who strive to live a simple life has given me support and ideas on how I could better my life with simplicity. I have even been able to begin planning my travels with more confidence from the support of my social media community. Through all the discoveries of webinars that are currently being offered, I have been able to fulfill my desire to learn. I have taken so many different webinars and discovered new shows and books that have increased my awareness of the world around me. I have been able to become a part of communities that add so much to my life.

I would love to hear about how communities have added meaning to your life and the connection you have developed. What type of social media communities are you a part of or would like to begin becoming a part of?

Until next time, take care.

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