Sharing Family History

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

For those of us studying our family history, we spend so much time learning about our ancestors. Sharing family history information with our family is an extraordinary gift that we can give them. There are several ways to share your family history with them. Here are a few ways that I have shared my family history with my relatives this past year.

Clanview offers a unique way of viewing your family tree through a computerized 3-D image. Downloading my tree from Ancestry to Clanview was easy. You can download it from other popular genealogy websites as well. Customer service with Clanview is excellent. They are quick to respond to any questions. My absolute favorite tool is that I can share my tree with the family by sending them a direct link to the tree from their name. To learn more about Clanview visit their website and their YouTube Channel.

A colorful fan chart can be printed from Family Search. Simply go to your family tree on On the left side of the tree select "Fan Chart" and the number of generations, you want your chart to show. Click on options on the right side and then "Print." A new screen will pop up and you can save it to your computer. You can print the chart from your own printer or have it sent to someplace like, Staples Printing Services to have it printed and laminated.

You can create your own family history book to include family trees and information about your ancestors. Microsoft Word can be used to write your entire book. It can be just about one ancestor or several. Once you are ready to print it there are several services you can use. I personally use Staples Printing Services to help me with printing several copies and have them bound.

Another creative way of sharing your family story that I have begun playing around with is creating a YouTube Documentary about an ancestor. I am in the process of working on my first documentary on my grandmother that I'll post to the Simple Living Genealogist YouTube Channel once I completed it. This is a great way to share family history and it can be viewed by family whenever they would like to watch it.

A few years ago I made a Family History Binder for my father. You can get really creative with it or keep it simple you. The binder can include a family tree, family group sheets, a timeline of ancestors' lives, biographies, copies of military records, and vital records. Whenever I have new information for my binder I make a copy for my father's binder. I used Zazzle that has genealogy binders that let you personalize them.

My final idea to share is to create a Calendar. You can add ancestors' birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths to the calendar to personalize it. Some calendars you can personally design each month focus on a specific ancestor with some information about them along with a photo if you have one. Zazzle is also a great website to use for this.

Sharing your family history is a great way to connect with your family and also makes great gifts that are unique. I would love to hear how you share your family history.

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