Updated: Oct 18, 2020

This 30-day #PaperPileChallenge is designed to help motivate you to tackle your never-ending collection of papers. At the same time building a new habit of handling incoming papers.

This is how it works. On the first day of the challenge, you will handle one sheet of paper. On the second day, two sheets. The third day three, and so forth. By the end of the 30-day #PaperPileChallenge, you will have handled at least 465 pieces of paper.

Some questions you will want to ask yourself as you are handling your papers include:

1. Is the paper something I regularly use? If it is, decide on a permanent location.

2. When was the last time I used the paper? If you are not sure write today's date on the paper and place it in a location with the goal of reassessing in 30 days if you need it. Be sure to assign the paper reassessment task to your calendar so you don't forget.

3. Should someone else have the paper instead of you? If the paper needs to go to someone else immediately take care of it, by handing it off or mailing it to them. Scanning it to email it to someone will allow you to toss the paper.

4. Should the paper be kept in a binder or file? Placing it in a permanent home such as a folder or binder will make it easier for you to locate it when you need it.

5. Can it be digitized to keep on my computer? By keeping a digital copy versus a physical copy you free up physical space. A digitized copy also allows you to store it in on cloud for access from virtually anywhere.

6. Is the information still relevant? Many times articles saved from magazines or brochures become outdated information. You can find a similar article, brochure information, and even owner manuals on the internet.

The second part of #PaperPileChallenge is setting up a system to handle incoming papers. By putting a system in place for handling papers you are building a habit that will eventually feel natural when it comes to handling your papers coming into your home.

1. Tossing unneeded papers straight in the trash will help keep papers from piling up.

2. If you do not have the time to immediately place papers into their new permanent homes find a spot such as a basket or bin to place them in. Set up a system that once a week you will go through papers and handle ALL the papers by placing them in permanent homes, scanning, or tossing in the trash.

I would love to hear about your #PaperPileChallenge experience on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #PaperPileChallenge to join the community of others who are taking the challenge to get support, share ideas, celebrate your wins, and even to help get some motivation.

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