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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

When some people hear about my journey to start living a minimalist lifestyle, they ask me if I've given up doing genealogy anymore. My answer is, of course, I'm going to keep doing genealogy. I still have lots of genealogy research to do in order to discover more about further generations of my ancestors. Plus I'm planning on my ancestors guiding me on journeys that I wouldn't have thought about taking prior to discovering where they came from.

People who chose to live a minimalist lifestyle, like me, doesn't mean that we give up hobbies that we enjoy spending time doing. Being a minimalist means that we bring things into our lives with intention. The intention is that the hobby will bring value and enjoyment to our lives. I have read articles about minimalist lifestyles and they enjoy various hobbies just as much as anyone else. Items are purchased and/or brought into the home that will be used. You won't find a minimalist who is a knitter that has a closet or box stockpiled full of yarn. Instead, you will find a minimalist knitter that has one or two bundles of the yard to work on their current project. Just as you'll also find a minimalist who is a surfer and only own one surfboard.

Being a minimalist doesn't mean that we deprive ourselves of hobbies. We just make sure that the hobby doesn't get out of control. I'm still working on my journey as a minimalist and getting my genealogy research into a system that will fit better into my new lifestyle. It is still a work in progress, but I'm getting there. I no longer feel the need to keep every single piece of paper or photo. I can digitize documents and photos and store them without taking up physical space in my home. My goal with my family genealogy binders is to have one binder for each 5 generations of my family. This way if something did happen in this world, and we lost all technology and the internet for some strange reason, I would still have my binders with key information of my genealogy.

I love now that I have a desk that is completely clear every day. I can sit down and work on things without being swamped by genealogy stuff. Don't think a minimalist lifestyle isn't for you because you love your hobbies. I love my hobbies too. You may find that a minimalist lifestyle lets you enjoy your hobbies more. I look forward to traveling to the areas that my ancestors came from and my genealogy will show move the path of these upcoming journeys.

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