My 2nd Great Grandfather, George "Geo" Steinbrecher

My 2nd great grandfather is the 3rd from the right.

My maternal 2nd great grandfather, George "Geo" Steinbrecher has been one of my brick walls for a long time. I had put it away for about a year and a half to take a break. Last week I decided to start working on discovering his story again. My past weekend was spent reviewing what information I had and discovering some new exciting information I found about Geo Steinbrecher. I had received some great tips from the social media genealogy community. There is still more research I need to do to uncover his story, but here is what I know about my 2nd great grandfather, Geo Steinbrecher, so far.

George "Geo" Steinbrecher was born on November 2, 1860 in Felsberg,Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, Hessen, Germany to George Steinbrecher and unknown mother. Now that I have finally learned the location of his birth thanks to the information being on a marriage record, I can now begin to research about his life in Germany and hopefully learn his mother's name.

Before Geo immigrated to America he had been living in Altenburg, Sachsen-Altenburg, Germany.

My 2nd great grandfather, Geo is on the right.

On May 31, 1876, Geo and Conrad Steinbrecher board the Hammonia at Hamburg, Germany port. I haven't been able to prove for sure, but I believe Geo and Conrad are brothers. Conrad was 26 at the time of voyage and Geo was 16 years old. They arrived in New York, New York on June 14, 1876.

I'm not sure about their time between when they landed in New York and when I found them in Michigan. I do know that they went to Michigan because there was already another family who immigrated to Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan from Germany.

Geo married Dorothea "Dora" Adrian at the Valley Avenue Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 2, 1884. I found the date a little funny because it is the same date as his birthday. I guess it would be easy for him to remember the date of his anniversary if it is the same as your birthday.

I'm still working on locating the Federal and Michigan State Census Records. I have only been able to locate them in the 1910 Federal Census Records. I have found so many different spellings of Steinbrecher. So this task might take me a little while. I do know that after arriving in Grand Rapids he never left. I found him in several Grand Rapids City Directories living in various homes and occupations.

Geo and Dora had six children, but only four of them made it to adulthood. I still have more research to do on some of the children, but this is just some of the information that I have on them.

Henry J Steinbrecher b. July 30, 1884, Grand Rapids, Michigan d. October 13, 1964, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

George Steinbrecher b. 1888, Grand Rapids, Michigan d. January 3, 1891, Grand Rapids, Michigan - Age 4.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Steinbrecher b. December 13, 1888, Grand Rapids, Michigan d. April 5, 1950, Grand Rapids, Michigan

George Albert Steinbrecer b. September 12, 1892, Grand Rapids, Michigan d. October 10, 1956, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Unknown Steinbrecher b. Unknown d. Unknown

Carrie Steinbrecher b. Unknown d. Unknown

I have learned a lot about Geo's death from various newspaper articles that were published in the Grand Rapids Press. On the evening of Saturday, May 15, 1915, Geo and Dora had been visiting Dora's sister's house. While visiting it had started raining so Geo decided to run home and get an umbrella to walk Dora home from her sister's house. When running home as the rain was coming down he stepped off a curb without realizing that an automobile was coming. He was struck by the automobile. Dora did not know what happened to Geo so she decided to walk home by herself to find that he had never made it there. It wouldn't be until the next day that Dora would learn about Geo being struck by an automobile. He was in critical condition at Butterworth Hospital. By Tuesday he was reported to the newspaper that he was continuing to grow weaker.

Geo passed away on May 19, 1915. His death certificate stated that he died from a fracture of his skull. He was survived by his wife, Dora, one son, and two daughters. His son is my great grandfather, George Albert Steinbrecher.

From the newspapers, I learned about who was select to be on the jury, the names of the coroners, the name of the drive of the automobile, and the outcome of the court case. I would like to one day get to Grand Rapids so that I can go and look at the court case.

Geo was buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan on May 22, 1915.

If anyone has any information about the Steinbrecher line who settle in Grand Rapids or if you have Steinbrecher line in Germany I would love to hear from you.