Music Connects Us

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

This week's theme is Music. Through my years of research, I have not come across any of my ancestors that have a connection to music. Maybe there were songs they sang to their children or an ancestor that loved to sing. Unfortunately, those are things I will most likely never learn about my past generation ancestors.

Me, my mother and brother, Lenny in 1972.

Music has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. There has always been a way to listen to music in my home. In my younger years, I remember hearing music more than the television. My mom would select a record to place on the record player to listen to while she was doing things around the house. Growing up in the 70s I remember hearing music from the Village People, Elton John, Bee Gees, and Paul McCartney. The 80s brought me to a world of discovering my own personal taste in music. Those are the years I remembered buying my own music from babysitting money I had earned to purchase music by musicians like Cyndie Lauper, Mondana, Wham, and The Bangles. I am not sure what music the rest of the family was listening to at that stage in my life because I loved spending time in my room listening to music and dancing around.

Today I wouldn't say that I have a particular genre of music that I love to listen to. Most of the time the music I select to list to dependent on my current mood or what I am doing.

Drew, Daniel, Cheyenne & Gabby.

My four children all love listening to music too. They each have always had their own taste in music, which I encouraged because I wanted them to find their individuality. My late husband had a large impact on them falling in love with music by Three Dog Nights, even though that music was out way before they were even born. On rides in the car, they loved when he would blast 'Jeremiah was a Bullfrog." My children think is our family song, thanks to him. The song helps them today feel a connection to him since his death in 2008.

Cheyenne & Gabby at performance in 2006

Music is a part of Gabrielle

Both of my daughters fell in love with singing and joined the chorus in elementary school. Chorus only last a few years as their interest changed. My older daughter, Gabrielle continued her love of music by making music through instruments and songwriting. Music became her whole life interest it seemed upon entering middle school. In-band throughout middle and high school she played the French Horn spending countless hours mastering the instrument. She took piano lessons in 2008 and from there continued to expand her musical talents. After one year of piano, she was able to begin teaching herself to play various songs. I think music helped her to heal after the death of her father in 2008. As a young adult, she still makes music of her own and writes songs, but like most people, adult life has a way of limiting free time. Music is still important to her.

Moments and periods in my life can be marked with music in my life. Music most likely only really has a part of only the past couple of generations because of the growth and accessibility of listening to music. Making music has definitely had more of an impact on generations further back because of this reason. When I read that this week's topic was music I didn't think I would have anything to write, but I guess I do. Especially thanks to my late husband, CPT Andrew R Pearson, and daughter, Gabrielle.