30-Day Minimalist Challenge

I learned about this challenge a few years ago while listening to The Minimalists podcast. Since then I do the challenge once a year as a way to reassess the items that I have in my home. The last thing I want to do with my life is spending hours cleaning and taking care of the items that I have brought into my home. I would rather spend that time reading, researching my family history, or just spending time with family. I have been able to cut my cleaning time down to less than an hour or two instead of spending an entire Sunday cleaning.

The challenge is pretty simple. On day one your find one item in your home that you feel you do not really need. On day two you find two items. On day three you pick three items and so forth. I think you get the idea of it. On day 30, which can be the hardest day, you pick 30 items to let go of. I will admit that one year I did 30 paper clips and pens because I had tons of them! I had so many that I still haven't had to purchase new ones. Even going through a pile of papers you have will produce items that you can let go of. You would be surprised at the number of items you find to let go of.

Before you begin the challenge I recommend finding a spot for items that you are going to be donating or selling. Whenever I do the challenge before I found a box and just place items in there each day. Trash goes immediately to the trash can. Throughout the challenge, I recommend going through closets, drawers, items on top of furniture or counters. If you have items sitting out in the open that you never pay attention to you might not truly find value in that item. Think about placing it in the closet for a few days and see if you miss it. After a few days decide if it is an item that you want to keep or let go of. The challenge really only takes a few minutes every day. Sometimes you might find you get motivated and find a lot more items to let go of. If I have a spot I am going through that has several items I am going to want to let go of, such as the junk drawer, I will save that area for the end of the challenge.

You do not need to start the challenge on the first of the month. Anytime you are ready to start you can. I just find it easier to look at the calendar day to determine what day of the challenge I am on. A couple of family members, friends, and I decided that we are going to start on March 1st together in order to give each other motivation. If you are interested in joining us on our journey visit the Challenge's Facebook page just click here to join.

For anyone interested, I have created a FREE worksheet that you can use to check off the items that you let go of. Click below to download and print the worksheet.

Challenge Check Off List
Download PDF • 854KB

Whether you complete the challenge or struggled to finish it I would love to hear about your experience in our 30-Day Minimalist Challenge Facebook group. Feel free to post your thoughts or photos of items you are letting go of during the challenge. This will help us motivate each other. Even after March, I will continue to keep the Facebook group going for anyone who wants to do the challenge.

Until next time, take care.

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