Make Learning Meaningful

Finding meaning in what we learn is essential to our desire to learn.

We were all taught similar facts in elementary and secondary school. As students, we learned the lessons taught to us in order to pass an exam and graduate to the next grade level. The lessons taught were often forgotten as soon as we no longer were required to remember them. This is mainly due to the idea that if we did not develop a personal connection or interest in what we were taught we would simply not be interested in remembering what was taught.

An example of this is that all of us can remember learning how to read and write. We had a personal connection to both skills because it was something we learned that we ended up needing in life. For some people science and history did not make the personal connection with us unless it was something we were actually really interested to learn about. If you knew you ancestors who came to American during the colonial times than you would have more of a personal connection to the information and may remember what you learn.

In college we have a much better chance of building a personally connection to what is being taught in classes we take. This is mainly due to the opportunity to choose courses that will be of more interest to us whether it be personal or career. We also have a better chance of having a personal connection to what we learn because we have more life experience than our younger selves did. This can especially be seen if attending college later in life.

Many people think that once you are done with college that you are done learning. We really should never expect to stop learning. Our life mission should be to continue learning something new until we take our last breathe. The world we currently live in has so much to offer for us in the way of learning. Technology allows us access to learning that our ancestors could have only dreamed of.

We can choose to learn about personal growth, expand career options, discover stories that our ancestors were a part of, gain skills to survive in our world and so much more. Financial reason is not a reason for no learning. There are too many free opportunities to learn something new.

To make learning meaningful for you choose something you are interested in and it won't feel like you are learning. How can you make learning meaningful to you?

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