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Maximize Your Genealogy Social Media Impact: 3 Must-Share Weekly Posts

Monday: Motivation Monday Start your week with an inspiring story or quote related to genealogy. Share a brief tale about an ancestor who overcame obstacles or a motivational quote from a historical figure. This not only uplifts your audience but also connects them to the perseverance and strength found in their own family histories. Example: "Our ancestors paved the way with their resilience. Let's honor them by uncovering their stories. #MotivationMonday #GenealogyInspiration"

Wednesday: Evergreen Wednesday Mid-week is perfect for sharing evergreen content – posts that are always relevant. This could be a tip on researching family history, a highlight of useful genealogy resources, or an interesting historical fact. These posts remain useful no matter when they're discovered. Example: "Did you know that census records can reveal fascinating details about your ancestors' daily lives? #GenealogyTips #EvergreenContent"

Friday: Conversation Starter Friday Fridays are ideal for sparking conversations. Post a thought-provoking question related to genealogy that encourages your followers to engage and share their thoughts and experiences. This keeps the conversation going over the weekend. Example: "What's the most surprising discovery you've made in your family history research? Share your story! #FamilyHistoryFriday #GenealogyChat"

Remember, consistency is key in social media. By having a structured approach to your content, you not only maintain a steady presence but also build a community of engaged followers who share your passion for genealogy. #SocialMediaStrategy #GenealogyCommunity


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