Life Reset

What are your current values in life? The reason that I ask about your current values is that as our life changes our values change. They never stay the same. Someone who was single when they last looked at their values, will have values that may change when they have their own family. Someone who may have once had values that went along with their career choice may find values change when they decide to experience a different career path or have retired. If thinking about your personal life values has never occurred to you and you are struggling with life, it might be a great time to sit down and really think about them. Your values will help you find clarity and guidance in your life.

What is most important to you? Look at your calendar and see what is on it right now. Those are the things that are important to you or necessary to do in your life. If you do not agree with this statement then it is time to evaluate what you have put on your calendar. For items that are essential in order for you to earn a living, take care of your health and your family, those items need to stay on your calendar. For all those other items you have scheduled into your calendar, really take a look at each item to determine if they are aligned with your values, dreams, and life goals. If they do not then you need to find a way to get them off your calendar. Are you attending an event because you feel obligated to? If you are doing something that you really do not feel like doing, you really need to think about if you should be doing it. What is your why? If you can not find an important reason for why then it probably should not be taking up space on your calendar and taking away from time to do things you truly want to be doing.

What is on your To-Do list? This list has a way of getting longer and longer very easily. Before really taking a lot at your list it might be a good idea to do a brain dump. Sit down with your list and add anything you think of that needs to be added. Do a quick wall around your home to each area and write down anything that comes to mind that you need to take care of. When you have everything on your list it is time to go through the list. If you have a partner it might be a great idea to include them in this task. Look at each item on your list to determine what needs to stay on the list, what would you like to do from the list, what are items that could be delegated, and what really does not need to be on the list right now. Immediately cross off items that you do not need to have on your list, at least for right now. For items that could be delegated spend some time getting those items set up to be taken off your list, such as if you have a leaking pipe and need to have someone come to repair it. A quick way to get some items off your list is to look for tasks that you can get done in less than 10 minutes. Find an hour in your day when you can quickly work on getting some of those items off of your list. For myself, I do these on my 'admin day' that I normally do on Fridays.

What are your dreams and life goals? Does your calendar reflect your dreams and goals you are working towards? Breaking your dreams into actionable steps is the best way to begin advancing towards your dreams and goals in life. If you have several dreams and goals you would like to do in your life pick one at a time to work on. This allows you to truly be able to achieve the life you want. Place actional steps on your calendar to help you advance towards what you are working towards. Dreams and goals are important in life because they give us something in life to work towards.

Be careful with your calendar. The last thing you want to happen is that you have so much on it that you do not allow yourself breathing and relaxing time. While some of us love being busy it is important to have some days for your mind and body to relax.

Share your tips and ideas on how you can do a life reset once in a while below.

Until next time, take care.

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