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Leveraging the Holiday Season for Genealogical and Historical Societies 

The holiday season is synonymous with family, tradition, and storytelling, making it an amazing time for genealogical and historical societies to deepen engagement, expand membership, and foster a culture of historical appreciation and discovery. Here are some innovative strategies to harness the festive spirit and enhance the visibility and impact of your society:

Holiday-Themed Events and Workshops

  • Host holiday-themed genealogy workshops or webinars, teaching attendees how to delve into their family history.

  • Collaborate with local historians to organize walking tours of historical sites decorated for the holidays.

Festive Fundraisers

  • Organize a holiday fundraiser, such as a charity auction or a bake sale, with proceeds going towards a specific project or the society's general fund.

  • Partner with local businesses for sponsorship or donations, creating mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Organize a fundraising campaign for a designated project, and make a point to update your followers weekly on social media regarding the progress achieved.

Membership Drives

  • Offer holiday discounts on new memberships or renewals before the new year, enticing genealogy enthusiasts to join or stay connected.

  • Launch a referral program encouraging current members to invite friends and family, perhaps tied to a small holiday gift or a discounted workshop.

  • Encourage members to extend the gift of membership to their family and friends.

Online Engagements

  • Share holiday-related historical facts or genealogy tips on your society's social media platforms.

  • Host a virtual "Holiday Ancestry" storytelling event, where members can share family traditions and stories.

Collaborative Celebrations

  • Partner with other local cultural or historical organizations to host joint holiday events, broadening your reach and fostering community connections.

Seasonal Publications

  • Release a holiday edition of your society's newsletter or magazine, featuring articles on historical holiday traditions, member genealogy discoveries, and upcoming society events.

Genealogy Gift Ideas

  • Create a list of genealogy-related gift ideas, such as family tree charts or DNA test kits, and share it in an email campaign or on social media.

  • Be sure to craft a holiday wish list for your society and share it with your social media audience.

Holiday Decor with Historical Flair

  • Deck the halls of your society's headquarters or local historical sites with festive decor reflective of historical traditions, creating a visually appealing and educational environment.

  • Remember to maintain your social media presence by designing a festive cover image specifically for the holiday season.

Recognition and Appreciation

  • Show appreciation to your members and volunteers with holiday cards, possibly featuring historical images from your society's archives.

  • Ensure to schedule a holiday message in your social media content calendar throughout the month of December.

By intertwining the allure of ancestral discovery with the warmth and camaraderie of the holiday season, genealogical and historical societies can create a rich tapestry of engagement and learning. The festive season is ripe with opportunities to showcase the fascinating world of genealogy, deepen community roots, and shine a spotlight on the importance of preserving and celebrating history.


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