Letting My Ancestors Lead Me On A Journey

My life as my family's historian has introduced me to so many towns, cities, counties, and countries that I never thought I had a connection to. We do not truly know about our connection to locations until we begin to meet our ancestors and learn about their lives. As I learned about where my ancestors were born, grew up, raised a family, took their final breath, and the last place they were laid to rest, I realized that I had a connection to all of these locations through my ancestors.

I travel a lot throughout my life. While growing up I lived all over the United States, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Family vacation consisted of places like Malaysia and Greece. When I branched out to start my own family I continued traveling and living around the United States. One interesting fact about all those locations that I have been to during my life, is that they are all places that my ancestors had never been, except for in Michigan.

In my journey of discovering my family history, I have gathered both old and new maps to help me learn more about my ancestors. For the two decades, I have been collecting these maps in order to help me visually understand the land. Another reason is that I want to one day walk in the towns and cities that all of my ancestors had once walked in.

I know that the world has changed since the time my ancestors had once walked on this planet. It does not change my desire to visit the places my ancestors had been. These maps can lead me to places to learn more about each ancestor. Some locations still have buildings that my ancestors would have walked by or into. I know not everyone will understand this desire, but I know that there are some people out there that do.

I want my ancestors to take me on a journey that will help me discover more about them and these maps will lead me on this journey. I look forward to not only seeing the places that my ancestors will take me but at the opportunity to connect to my ethnic background and meet new people, some of who might actually be distant cousins.

As the world is reopening, I just applied to renew my passport last month. I'm so excited to begin the journey that my ancestors will lead me on.

This blog post was written from a prompt “Maps” which is part of a year-long challenge to write about 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. For more information on this series please visit https://www.amyjohnsoncrow.com/

Until next time, take care.