I Wish I Could Know Their Favorite Things

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors' favorite things were? This is a question that I find myself always wondering about. I wonder what they did to help them get through hard times. Did they have a favorite place near the homestead where they would sit under a tree and let their mind wonder? Did they have goals for their life? What did they think about the events that were happening around them? Unfortunately for most of us there are no documents to help us learn the answers to any of these questions, unless they had a journal that they wrote some of the answers that is still around.

Thinking about this makes me realize that the one gift that we could give our future generations is a journal about my own life. Recently I purchased a journal "The Story of My Life." My plan is to start answering the prompts in them to help me begin to tell my story, this way my future generations won't need to wonder about the questions that I wonder about today.

For some of us we are so busy trying to learn about our family history that we do not stop to consider making it easier for our future generations. Have you started writing your own life story or do you have a journal that you write in?

Until next time, take care.