I Think I See the Look of Mischief in the Photo

Updated: Feb 4

I never had the opportunity to meet my paternal great grandparents, Arthur and Anna (Kerr) Stinson. This image is the only photo of them taken together that my father had. I absolutely love this photo of them. It was probably taken one of the few photos taken of them.

I'm not completely sure when this photo would have been taken. My best guess would be the summer of 1922 since the photo was taken at a camp. I have always wondered if they met working at the camp. Art lived in Rochester, Monroe County, New York with his parents, and Anna has been living with her father and siblings in Murray, Orleans County, New York. I was able to learn from marriage and my grandmother's birth record that Anna had been pregnant seven months pregnant when Art and Anna got married on April 24, 1923, in Rochester, NY. My grandmother June Sinson was born on June 19, 1923. Anna would not live long enough to see her daughter begin school. At the age of 23, Anna passed away from Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Since this image of my great grandparents together is the only one I have it is one of my favorites. A big reason that I love this photo is that I feel like it shows their personality. The way they are standing makes me feel like they have a lot of confidence for young people in their 20s. I feel that they are both trying to portray serious expressions, but I feel like I can see if the flicker of mischief in their faces. I am so thankful for having this image of them.

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