I'm Going To Take The One Million Followers Challenge!

I received the "One Million Followers" by Brendan Kane for Christmas and am finally ready to dive into the book to see how it can help me and my clients grow our social media following. I have read several great reviews about the book and am excited to experience it myself. I'm going to take you along for the ride as I go through the book and am going to share with you what I'm learning, what I'm applying, and maybe even throw in some actionable tips that might be able to help you and your organization or business.

Yesterday I began jumping into the book by reading the first few sections of the book. While reading Chapter 0 (yes, it actually starts at Chapter 0) made a lot of sense when reading it. You need to know what your niche and goal is otherwise people won't understand why they will want to follow you. You want followers to have a reason for following you. They normally have a reason for clicking on the "Follow" button besides you telling them to. Almost anything you read about will tell you that to grow your social media following you need to know what you niche is. Whether it is one, two or three things that you are going to focus on. This helps you to design and create content that your followers will keep watching for. If you don't know your "why" you want to grow your following, you won't be in the right mindset to grow your following.

A million followers is a tall order, but there's no harm in trying. It's all about discovering new followers and growing engagement for your profile. There are many people on social media with the goal of connecting to the genealogy community out there with millions of followers, so why not take the challenge and see how far I can go? Stay tuned for an exciting month as I plow through the book and post my daily results on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube! If you aren't already started following me, you can find me @simplelivingene.