I Love Group Photos

George Steinbrecher, Hank Steinbrecher, & Unknown.

I love seeing photos of my ancestors, but my favorites are the group photos that were taken. My 2nd great grandfather, George Steinbrecher were in several of the group photos. When I look at them every one is always smiling and they look like they had great times.

The pictures seem to speak about the bond and community that they had with each other. Many of them had immigrated from Germany to America and heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan. They didn't all end up coming to America at the same time but it was within a matter of a few years. The bonds among them were kinship and friendship.

George Steinbrecher, far right in kneeling.

None of my other family lines displayed this type of connection through photos. I am so thankful to have these amazing photos and hopefully one day I will be able to connect with the family line in Germany.

George Steinbrecher is 3rd from the right.