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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

With the continuous increase of people interested in their family history and learning what their DNA tells about them, genealogy channels and videos are being posted all over YouTube. Every day new videos are posted offering both beginners and seasoned genealogists guidance with genealogy research.

Searching through YouTube can be overwhelming. Just type in the word “genealogy” on the search bar and you’ll come up with more videos on genealogy than you ever thought possible. You can use filters to see the most recent videos published, which is very handy. Do not discount the older videos because they can contain some very valuable information. When searching you can type in other keywords to help find a specific topic that you may be looking for. Even trying to search surnames could lead you to an amazing find.

You may be surprised at what you might come across. Some examples are home movie footage that could include your ancestors in them, original footage of historical events, documentaries on various family history, communities your ancestors lived in, instructional videos, interviews with genealogy experts, tutorials of how to use archives, libraries, and repositors.

One way to get notifications about channels that publish new videos is to "Subscribe." Of course, you can find some channels by well-known genealogy websites, such as, Family Search, Find My Past, Family Tree Magazine, Dear Myrtle, and Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gem. Below is a list of genealogy-related channels you may not have heard of that I personally subscribed to and that I feel are worth checking out.

Boundless Genealogy – Melissa Finlay gives tips on finding clues to help you dig deeper into discovering more about your ancestors.

BYU Family History Library – Offers training videos that cover genealogy for all researching levels.

DNA Family Trees – Larry Jones created this channel to help others use DNA to build trees and use results to verify your tree information and resolve any differences that may pop up.

Family History Fanatics – Andy and Devon Noe Lee use their individual skills to come together to create videos to help understand DNA, researching your family tree and tips on writing your family history story.

Who is Nicka Smith? – Nicka Sewell-Smith does an amazing job of showing how to research African-American history.

Genealogy TV – This channel was designed to help you learn the latest tips, techniques, and strategies to aid in finding your ancestors.

GeneaVlogger – Jarrett Ross has created this channel about DNA & Genetic Genealogy, Genealogy Tutorials, Quick Genealogy Tips, Jewish Genealogy Research, as well as genealogist Interviews.

Lisa Lisson's Are You My Cousin? Lisa provides videos on resources and tools, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and become more effective.

I also love hearing about new genealogy channels on YouTube. If you have one that I haven't list, please let me know about it. I would love to check it out.

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