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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

As our world struggles with the overwhelming impact of COVID-19, there are several Genealogical Societies and repositories that have continued connecting virtually. For those of us wishing to continue working on our family history research or those deciding to take on the path of discovering their ancestors, this allows us the opportunity to continue learning and researching.

Webinars have steadily grown in the genealogy world. Over the past year, I have taken several webinar lectures to learn about various research methods. Webinars give us an opportunity to continue learning about various research tools that will help us to discover further generations of our family trees. There are even webinars on DNA to help us connect with distant cousins.

I thought I would share a few organizations that I know are offering webinars. I do recommend that you look through the list and only register for webinar classes that are of interest to you. Webinars do have a limited number of people who can attend, therefore if you aren’t able to spend the time to attend the webinar please be sure to cancel. This will allow others to attend the webinar. Since more people are currently finding themselves at home webinars are filling up at a quicker rate. By registering for a webinar allows organizations to contact you if there is a change.

Also, be aware that webinars may be in a different time zone than you are. Some webinar registrations allow you to select your time zone so you’ll know what time the class will be for you.

Below is a list of organizations that I know offer genealogy-related webinars. You might want to do a search online to see what other organizations offer genealogy webinars.

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Family History Library

Southern California Genealogy Society and Family Research Library

Wisconsin Genealogical Society

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