Genealogy Strengthens Life Skills

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

When thinking about genealogy most people do not think about the skills it actually takes to research your family's history. Genealogy can help us to learn how to get through obstacles, find an inner calm within ourselves to think more clearly, as well as help us to handle both successes and failures. These are all skills we need to tackle the ever-changing world around us. Genealogy helps to strengthen these skills.

Overcoming obstacles is a part of everyone's life. Some obstacles we face may be large or small. When researching to discover who our ancestors are we need to have the ability to think about how to get around obstacles constantly. Not all the information about our ancestors can be found easily. There might be situations where there are no primary sources that can help discover information about an ancestor. Therefore that leaves us with searching for other primary sources that can shed light on their lives or locate secondary sources. Our resilience helps us to keep searching for those clues to help us discover information about our ancestors' stories. This strengthens our confidence at being able to handle getting around obstacles.

We would not be able to overcome obstacles without the ability to find our inner calm. Any genealogist can tell you that obstacles getting in the way of discovering our ancestors can be frustrating. By finding your inner calm we open our minds to the ability to think about the other potential sources we can use to learn about our ancestors. Frustration blocks our minds from being able to think clearly. When we calm our minds we are able to think more clearly which helps us to thrive on optimism and resilience to keep searching. The more we look for our inner calm the more natural it becomes to finding that calmness to handle situations.

Both success and failure are emotional experiences everyone faces every day in every aspect of their lives. Every search a genealogist does is going to end with either success or failure. When we learn to handle failures as a need to rethink a situation, it helps us to build our skill of being more resilient and adaptive. By being able to accept that there is are going to be research failures in finding the information we gain an understanding that we can not let the failure stop our searching. Failures can be difficult to handle, but with each failure that we push through, we are able to become more emotionally resilient. Learning to adapt helps us to handle the ever-changing world around us.

Becoming more confident in overcoming obstacles, being able o find an inner calmness, building emotional resilience, and learning to adapt are life skills that are strengthened when taking on the journey of learning about your family history.

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