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Organize our genealogy and family history can be a never-ending process. We are always gathering information on our ancestors and there are constantly new ways being introduced on how you can organize your information. The way you organize your family history is really an individual preference. There really is no right way that everyone should be organizing their information.

For myself, I like to live a Simple Lifestyle. Therefore I only keep what is essential to my life around me. As a genealogist, this can be difficult at times. Over the past few years of simplifying my life, I feel like I have a pretty good system that works for me. I have been asked several times about my genealogy binders and what I have in them. I thought I would share a little about what I have in them.

I purchased the binders from Zazzle. They actually over more types of binders than what was available about 5 years ago when I ordered mine. You can customize them, which is a feature that I loved. I have one for each of my grandparents' lines. I do recommend getting the 3-inch binders. By the time you place information for 31 of your ancestors, you will find that it fills up quickly.

Here is what I have inside each of the binders.

1. In each binder, I have a family tree to help me know which ancestors are in that binder.

2. I then have a 31-tab divider for each binder. Here is a link for the ones I use.

3. In each table I have a family group sheet and a census group sheet that I designed to meet my needs.

4. Any vital records and other information that I feel is vital to have a physical copy of.

The system is fairly simple and works perfectly for me. I will be doing a Facebook LIVE Conversation about my genealogy binders on Tuesday, March 9th at 8 pm. I will be talking about the binders and showing exactly what is inside each of them. As well as answer any question anyone has about my family history binders. Anyone with family history binders is welcome to attend and share what they have in their binders. If you aren't able to attend the recording will be available on my YouTube channel within 24 hours of the event. I hope to see some of you there!

Until next time, take care.

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