Finding The Genealogy Community on TikTok

If you're looking for family history, there's a new place to look: TikTok. Sure, TikTok might be best known for its dance moves and lip-syncing memes (and dubious facial recognition technology), but the app has also become a haven for genealogy enthusiasts. As users share their stories and connect with other family historians on the social media platform, they've uncovered some unexpected elements of their pasts.

TikTok is a video-sharing app that lets users post short, six-second videos. It’s very popular with teens and young adults, but it’s not just for hipsters anymore—the genealogy community on TikTok has grown to more than 10,000 members. If you have family history content to share, this can be a great place to reach people who are interested in your content and help them discover new things about their own family histories!

One thing that makes TikTok stand out as an online community is how easy it is for people to connect with each other through mutual interests. You can find other people who are passionate about the same topic as you using hashtags or searching by specific tags (like “genealogy”). Once you find them, there will be lots of opportunities for you to engage with others who share similar interests—especially since many posts involve watching videos together.

With over 300 million users, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms around. The app is already a great place to share your family history with others who are interested in genealogy and ancestry. But now it’s become even more useful for those who are trying to connect with distant relatives or find information about ancestors from centuries ago.

In my experience, TikTok has become an excellent resource for learning more about specific branches of your family—and even finding distant cousins you never knew existed! TikTok's genealogy community is not only connecting users but also helping them discover new chapters of their family's history.

In addition to connecting people with similar interests and building a sense of community within the genealogy niche, TikTok also allows users to interact with each other in meaningful ways. For example, One user told me that he had discovered an old photo album belonging to his grandmother while helping her clean up after a house fire; he then used TikTok as an easy way to share those photos with his family members across the country!

I wanted to share a few people within the genealogy and historical community that you might want to check out and add to those you follow on TikTok.

@gwyneths.stories - It is amazing to listen to her tell the stories of her family history. We aren't related but I could listen to her family history stories all day.

@cengel199 - Charlotte Engel is a Pro Makeup Artist & Clothing Historian. She has been posting videos of amazing 19th century dresses that were being pulled from a collection for a display.

@easygenie - He offers great advice on genealogy charts and sharing family history.

@myfamilygenie - Shares her journey of discovering her family history.

And of course I need to add my account which I have really started to focus on sharing my family history journey, tips to help others discover their family history and so much more. @simplelivingene

The genealogy community on social media is growing so fast and there are new people joining the TikTok community all the time. Simply search #genealogy #familyhistory and you will find more people who are a part of the community.

Making videos is a scary part of posting on TikTok. I'm definitely having to push beyond my comfort zone and I'm slowly building up more confidence every time I post. It you decide to join the TikTok community be sure to say "Hi" and I will definitely follow you.

Until next time, keep connecting to your social media community.

Jon Marie Pearson, The Simple Living Genealogist