Family Tree Mysteries

Do you have a photo with people you have no idea who they are? Are you stumped on a brick wall you can't seem to get through? Did you discover something about an ancestor that has you completed mystified? Or better yet have you discovered a mystery that has been in your family tree for a long time and finally figured it out! Why not think about sharing it on social media with the hashtag #MondayMystery and #Genealogy or #FamilyHistory?

We have all come across unlabeled photos within our family collection that we have no idea who some of the people are within the image. So why not share it on social media with the hashtag #MondayMystery? Simple post the image along with any information you have on the photo. If you have no idea, simply state that you are looking for help to identify who is in the photo. This is a great way to get the image seen by family and cousins who might be able to help identify who is in the photo.

Posting about a brick wall you have been struggling with is another great opportunity to post on #MondayMystery. This helps the genealogy community on social media see your brick wall and potentially be able to help by giving you ideas of tactics you can possibly try in order to chip away at that wall. When posting about it give key details of what you are trying to figure out. You can even ask them to DM you with any questions or ideas of what you can try.

Discover fascinating information during your genealogy research about an ancestor is always exciting and posting about it on Monday with #MondayMystery is an enjoyable way to share with your family and the genealogy community. Unless you have family members interested in your family history discoveries as much as you do, you might find that the genealogy community will be more excited about your discovery than your immediate family. So sharing your discovery with the genealogy community will feel much more thrilling.

Don't forget if you are posting on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter to only use two hashtags. This way your post has the chance of reaching more people. You can use a few more hashtags when posting on other media platforms. I look forward to seeing what you can start posting on Mondays with #MondayMystery.

Until next time, take care.