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Boosting Your Social Media Presence Beyond Being on Social Media

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While social media is a powerful tool for increasing your online presence, it's not the only way to gain visibility in today's digital age. Particularly for historians, genealogists, and researchers, there are numerous traditional avenues that can be equally, if not more, impactful. If you're looking to make your mark, consider these unique strategies to boost your presence.

Presenting at Historical or Genealogical Societies

Historical and genealogical societies are a treasure trove of passionate individuals, dedicated to the preservation and study of the past. Presenting a well-researched topic in front of these societies not only establishes your credibility but also allows you to reach an audience truly interested in your field of expertise.


  • Direct or virtual interaction with an engaged audience.

  • Networking opportunities with other professionals.

  • Adds a credible entry to your professional portfolio.

Guest Appearances on Podcasts or Shows

The digital era has witnessed the rise of podcasts and YouTube channels focusing on genealogical research and historical content. These platforms cater to a vast global audience and offer a perfect opportunity for specialists to showcase their expertise.


  • Broadens your reach to global listeners or viewers.

  • Establishes authority in your field as you provide expert insights.

  • Creates opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.


  • Start with niche podcasts or channels that align closely with your research interests.

  • Prepare well in advance and ensure you bring new, engaging content to the audience.

Writing for Historical or Genealogical Publications

Many societies have journals, newsletters, or magazines where they publish original research, articles, or findings. Writing for these publications can be a sure-shot way of getting your name recognized in academic and professional circles, along with connecting with a new cousin.


  • In-depth dissemination of your research.

  • Engagement with readers who have a keen interest in the subject.

  • Builds up your publication record, a key metric in academic and research domains.


  • Focus on areas where your ancestors came from, as personal stories can add depth to your research.

  • Always adhere to the publication's guidelines and ensure your work is well-cited and authentic.

While social media platforms are undeniably significant in the modern era, the above strategies demonstrate that traditional methods still hold immense value. For historians, genealogists, and societies these avenues not only help in boosting their presence but also offer enriching experiences and valuable networking opportunities. So, the next time you're thinking about your visibility, remember there's a vast world outside of social media waiting to be explored! Don't forget to share how people can find you on social media too!


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