A Snapshot Of Happiness

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

When I saw that the topic for this week of #52ancestors as a favorite photo I knew immediately which photo I have that is my favorite.

This is a photo of my maternal grandmother, Vivian Joyce Ryan, and my great aunt Lavona Jane Ryan. Out of the five children my great grandparents had, they were the oldest and only two daughters of Glen and Mary (Walker) Ryan.

Lavona was the oldest, born June 10, 1931, and my grandmother was born August 12, 1932. Just over a year apart in age. This photo of them was taken when they were living in Rockford City, Kent County, Michigan.

When I look at this photo it is funny because in a "Memories from Grandma" book my grandmother had given back to me filled out she said that her sister was the meanest of the five of them. You would not be able to tell looking at this photo. It seems like they were getting along pretty well during this time, at least while the picture was being taken.

The reason I love this photo so much because I knew that the family did not have a lot growing up. The smiles on their faces are so beautiful and when I look that my grandmother and great aunt Lavona in this photo it just make you smile back at them. A snapshot of happiness captured in a photo.