A Choice Of My Ancestors Impacted My Life

Updated: Sep 6

Our ancestors are the roots that hold us up and had an impact on where we would be born into this world. It is strange to think about their decision played a part in our life. Just as decisions I made had an impact on where my children were born. How our ancestors chose to live their lives played a part in who we became. The way they lived their personal life, religious beliefs, and how they interacted within society would all play a part in the foundations they would leave behind for their children and future generations. Life's challenges such as war, weather, and other circumstances also played a part in the way they responded to circumstances and choices. I do know that due to slavery, arranged marriages, and other circumstances that there were some people who were not given choices. Those choices made for them would still have an impact on their future generations.

I was born an American and this is due to my ancestors immigrating to this county. All of my ancestors immigrated to America prior to 1900. Their choice to leave the mother county played a part in not only their lives but those of future generations. Their reasons for changing the nationality of future generations is because they had similar goals. They felt that in order to find a better life for themselves and future generations they needed to make a choice and come to America and make this county my homeland.