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Welcome to the Simple Living Genealogy Community!

My Mission in Life

  • To live a life of simplicity by creating an environment that induces positivity and clarity.

  • To Live a life of continuous learning to challenge my mind, gain an understanding of the world, and skills to navigate in the ever-changing world.

  • To take adventures to connect to history, experience the beauty of our planet, push myself beyond my comfort zone, and experience the various ways to explore.

  • To discover my family history, understand my ancestors' connection to history, to know where I came from, and connect to the larger family connected to me in this world.

My favorite thing to do is to show others how they can learn about their ancestors and begin developing a personal connection to history.

Currently, I am..

Living Room


The Circle on Netflix

Leather Headphones


Soul & Wit Podcast


My To Do List 

Book Store


Up From Slavery

by Booker T Washington

Stack of Books


How to do Live Videos.

Tidy Desk


John Bell Ruperd

My maternal 3rd great grandfather.