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Three rules I live by...

1. Connect to Ancestors - By learning about our ancestors we learn about who we truly descend from. The DNA within each of us was passed down not only by our parents but from all the generations of our grandparents. Our ancestors are our personal connection to historical events. When we are able to connect to historical events we can feel more connected to today. I have been able to learn about where I get my blue eyes, determinations, and drive from. 

2. Never Stop Learning - We truly never stop learning. Experiences, technology, and our health situations have put us in a place where we are constantly learning something new. Learning shouldn't stop once we are given that high school, trade certificate, or college diploma. Learning helps to keep our brain active. Opportunities to learn something new is continuously growing with today's technology. Reading a book, joining a webinar, or watching a show gives us numerous learning opportunities. (Let me just add that a learning disability is not a reason to stop learning because I have lived my life with Dyslexia and I haven't let it stop me from learning new things.)

3. Keep Exploring - Exploring is easier for some people than others due to fears or other limitations. There are different types of exploration though, so there is no reason for anyone not to be exploring the world around us. We can explore through travel, learning, cooking, art, or even reading. Exploring helps keep us young and to be connected to the world around us. 

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