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There are three rules that I live my life by.

Connect to family. This includes our future generations, our present family, and our ancestors. We have an opportunity to personally share our life experiences with our future generations through written words and videos. Connecting with our living family is important. Today's technology allows us to stay connected to our family where ever they are. We are not guaranteed to have them with us tomorrow, so we need to live every day as if it could be our last or theirs. Connecting to our ancestors helps us to learn exactly where we came from. Our ancestors' DNA that we carry within us plays a role in what we look like. The choices they made played a role in the opportunities that we have in life today. They connect us to historical events that took place in the world because they were there. Connecting to family connects us to the world around us. 

Never Stop Learning. Learning should never stop just because you earned your diploma, certificate, or degree. Life is full of opportunities to learn whether it is for a career change, a new hobby or you need help with something. One of our goals in life should be to never stop learning until we take our last breath in this life. Our world is constantly changing and we are no longer living in generations that only hold one career path in a lifetime. We are in a world now that we can change careers and paths as often as we would like. Books and technology have enabled us to learn something new daily if we choose to. You do not even need to have a reason to learn something new. Anyone, any age, almost anywhere in the world can learn something new as often as they use the resources around them. 

Keep Exploring. There is so much in our world for us to explore, even in our own backyard. The world around us contains so much that we can experience such as cultures, nature, and experiences. Travel, no matter the distance, has become possible due to advancements in transportation modes and the increased speed we are able to get to our desired destinations. We were not born to sit idle. As long as we are physically able to explore what we can we should. Today exploring does even mean that you need to physically go somewhere. Exploring can also be done from home through reading, watching documentaries, and exploring sites on the internet. Exploring can also give us opportunities to connect with our family and friends. Visiting a location that our ancestors may have been to changes how we will view historical locations where they may have been. Exploring is an opportunity that not everyone can easily do, therefore we need to spend as much time as we can exploring our world.

Striving every day to connect with family, to continue learning, and to keep exploring will give us a fuller more balanced life.

What will you do today to live your best life?

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