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My Mission

The Simple Living Genealogist is here to provide guidance through actionable steps to create

  • a life of simplicity by creating an environment that induces positivity and clarity.

  • a life of learning to challenge your mind, gain an understanding of the world, and skills to navigate in the ever-changing world.

  • adventures to connect to history, experience the beauty of our planet, push beyond our comfort zone, and experience the various ways to explore.

  • a path to discover family history, our ancestors' connection to history, where we came from, and our connection to a larger family in this world.

My favorite thing to do is to show others how they can learn about their ancestors and begin developing a personal connection to history.

Currently, I am..


The Walking Dead


The Minimalist



My To Do List 


A History of Women In America 


Carol Hymowitz 

& Michaele Weissman


How to do Live Videos.


John Bell Ruperd

My maternal 3rd great grandfather.

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