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My Life's Mission is to help others learn and gain an understanding of their connection to their ancestors, our history, and the world.


As a genealogist and family historian, I have been blessed to learn many skills during my journey to discover my family history. I have been able to present several workshops on the topic of using social media to help new and experienced genealogists and historians gain an understanding of the importance of being on social media in today's world and learning how to connect to the genealogy community on social media.

My work of serving on several boards in various positions, for museums, genealogical and historical societies, has helped me to see just how beneficial social media can be to all organizations as a way of connecting to the world. The constantly changing and evolving world of social media platforms can be challenging to navigate through. The responsibility that organizations have in a regular compacity can be overwhelming. When you toss in social media responsibilities on top of those duties, it creates overwhelming pressure on organizations. I have had the opportunity to fill the role of social media manager to help organizations focus on their other responsibilities while I manage their social media. It is something that I love doing because I feel like I am being given the opportunity to fulfill my life mission.

When I set out to start this business in 2019 I had planned on offering services to people to learn about their family history. Over time I began to realize where my true calling was in the genealogy community. I have taken my passion for learning how to navigate through social media and my love of spending time designing social media content and turned my business into something that I truly love and enjoy and still fulfilling my life mission. 

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Social Media Management

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  • Grow Followers

  • Preschedule Content

  • Community Management

  • Respond To Comments

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Instagram Management

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  • Story Creation

  • Reel Creation

  • Post Engagement

  • Grow Followers

  • Graphic Creation

  • Analytics 

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Facebook Management

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  • Grow Followers

  • Facebook Ads

  • Profile Optimization

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Twitter Management

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  • Follower Growth

  • Profile Optimization

  • Analytics

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Content Creation

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  • Copywriting

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  • Facebook Story Creation

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Graphic Design

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Social Media Strategy

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  • Profile Optimization Strategy

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Social Media Coaching

Profile Optimization

90-Day Analytics Review

Content Strategy

Social Media Training

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