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The Simple Living Genealogist was born in 2018 after I finally earned my Bachelor's Degree from Southern New Hampshire University with a major in American History. It took me forty-eight years to reach this goal, but I finally did it! I have spent over ten years raising four children, only one more left at home right now, on my own after my husband was KIA during his deployment in 2008. I realized it was time to start truly living my life and building a business around things I am passionate about in my life. This is how the birth of The Simple Living Genealogist came to be. Simple came from my desire to live a more simple and minimalist lifestyle. Living arose from my yearning to continuously keep learning and exploring. Genealogy came from longing to discover whom my ancestors are, learning their stories, and discovering their connections to history.

If you are here because you want to become inspired to live your best life, or maybe you want to learn how to discover your personal family history, or you want to become a part of a community of like-minded individuals, I am here for you.


The Simple Living Genealogist is all about living your best life. You need to stop waiting for the perfect time or for permission and start living your best life now.

My favorite thing to do is to show others how they can learn about their ancestors and begin developing a personal connection to history.

Currently, I am..


Surviving Death on Netflix


Optimal Living Daily 



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The Children's Blizzard 

by David Laskin


How to use Notion


My grandfather,

Kenneth W. Stoner

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