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My name is Jon-Marie Pearson. I'm also known by some as Jo, Joni, Mom, and Nannie. I currently live in Henderson, New York (at least right now). My entire life has been anything but normal. I have lived in several areas of the United States. As I child I was exposed to the culture of the middle east due to my parent's job. I love my family, adventures, reading, genealogy & my minimalist lifestyle. 

The Simple Living Genealogist is about connecting to their ancestors, to never stop learning and to always keep exploring the world around us. 

Connecting to our ancestors helps us to realize who we are and where we came from. Our DNA is made up of bits and pieces of our ancestors. Our ancestors give us a connection to history and history gives us a connection to learning about our ancestors' lives. 

Our world is constantly changing due to the world around us. Technological and scientific advancements in our lives never stop evolving. The purpose to learn gives us a view to understand the ever-changing world. No matter how young we are or how old we are there is always something out there to learn. 

Just as we should never stop learning we should never stop exploring the world around us. Old places we may have explored long ago can be looked at in a different perspective at various stages of our lives. New locations we explore can give us a different view of what the world around us has to offer. Exploring takes us on adventures that we may never have dreamed of taking. 

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