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My Life's Mission

I want to help others understand their connection to their ancestors, history, and the world. By using my knowledge of genealogy research, Bachelor's Degree in American History, my love of the genealogy community, and knowledge of using social media to connect with others, I feel honored to help people, businesses, and organizations on the journey of discovering their family history, sharing their knowledge and connection to the world. 

Looking for Social Media Manger with Specialty in Genealogy & American History?

Having a presense on social media is so important in today's world.  Social Media allows businesses and organizations to reach a large number of  people who would benefit from your business or organizations' knowledge, services and products. 

Maintaining a presence on social media can be time consuming, but I can help by managing your social media content publication, follower engagement and mainstreaming your presence across all social media platforms. 

Contact me today to schedule a FREE Social Media Evaaluation and Consultation. 


Looking for Biological Family?

Not knowing who a biological parent or family member is can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.  I know from personal experience about those feelings. My look at life changed for me when I found my biological father. I have also had the pleasure of helping several others discover who their biological family member is. 

If you have been struggling with locating your biological family member I would love to help you connect with them. I have posted a few blogs that may be able to help you with your research. If you set up a consultation, a $20 deposit is required. The deposit will be available after the consultation to use for services and online courses.


Looking for Online Programs


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